Speaking About Suicide Saves Lives

We all impact one another and take on a role of creating a suicide safer community without even being aware of it. From our local music shop owner bringing musical instruments to our youth, adults and elders to our graffiti artist that tags our local newspaper boxes. We are a thriving part of our own network and web of community members be it on social media, with our local language club, within our youths’ skills and in our patronage to businesses supporting one another in life. Your presence cultivates life for other human beings. What about those moments when you wish you could do more and feel more confident in your abilities to support someone suffering in silence? Perhaps, this person, could even be you.

Did you know that you are more likely to encounter a person in an emotional or mental crisis than a person needing CPR? (Statistic taken from LivingWorks START online course; similar statement can be found here.).

Currently, we live in a world where we rely heavily upon experts whose roles in society are to help a person through a mental and emotional health crisis. Imagine a world in which every community member, not just our laypeople and professionals, were given the skills to save lives from suciide? How might our world look?

You don’t need any formal training or prior experience in suicide prevention to learn and apply the LivingWorks START model. 

“When you sign up for LivingWorks Start training, you’ll learn a powerful four-step model to keep someone safe from suicide, and you’ll have a chance to practice it with impactful simulations.”

Here is a resource that can introduce you to the core of a four step approach in how to help save a life from suicide. Learn communication. Learn a raised awareness. Learn the confidence necessary to support those going through emotionally charged moments by speaking about suicide directly. Learn how to connect someone to their local community members, in addition to being connected with you.

LivingWorks START
If you would like to sponsor Grounds For Clarity, LLC Life coaching for your fellow folx, you can make your purchase through this referral link so a portion of your payment is received by us and supports our clients to receive LivingWorks START training. 

Taking LivingWorks START means you are joining the over 2,000,000 empowered community members, just like you, to help save lives from suicide. LivingWorks START is a course that can be taken at your pace, can be completed in less than 2 hours and prepare you to support someone that may be having thoughts of suicide. This course can be taken by those as young as 13 years old. The content has been peer reviewed by folks and experts, alike, from 

Want to learn more about why you should want to become involved in your local LivingWorks community?

I invite you to follow this link to learn what it means to make your place in this world a suicide safer community. 


Note: Grounds For Clarity, LLC is an affiliate and Independent Contractor with LivingWorks as a LivingWorks Provisional ASIST Trainer with intention to become a Registered ASIST trainer. We do not receive financial compensation to promote LivingWorks, however, when purchasing LivingWorks START through our referral link, a portion of your proceeds, during COVID, do support our clientele and fund vital Mental Health Skills Lifestyle coaching as well as becoming equipped with Life-saving skills through LivingWorks START. Thank you for your patronage and synergistic support.

A fellow human being,

Kim Johnson.
Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity, LLC



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