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Do you feel like you are living day-to-day and with no direction in life?

Have you found yourself having thoughts that nothing matters anymore? 

Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and burnt out as soon as you open your eyes?

Do you come home after work and just feel hopeless about your life and catch yourself saying, “Well, it is what it is.”?

Do you find yourself experiencing multiple moments a day where you convince yourself you need “X” before you can get “Y”?

Are you unhappy and find yourself turning to isolating yourself, binge watching television and scrolling mindlessly through your twitter, facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, or SnapChat to feel like you have some substance and some joy in your life?

Do you feel connected to your life anymore and feel pain realizing that you work, eat and sleep with no joy passion or excitement in your life?

If you believe binge-watching t.v., turning to medication, exercise, video games and drinking after work all while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat feeds and feeling like numbing yourself works for you, my coaching will disrupt your life and help you kick the habit. Instead of feeling good in the moment, we coach to get you to feel good for life.

If you believe sleeping around with some random ass, watching inspirational and motivational videos, downloading the next free mindfulness app and loading up on self-help books on Kindle, Google Play books or snapping your fingers for the N.Y. Times Bestseller coach’s book will be enough to get you off your day-to-day routine to a more meaningful life, my coaching will disrupt your life and teach you it takes conscious effort to get to those points and it will take more than your gratitude journal to get there.

If you are the person that constantly compares your lives to others’ to relieve your guilt of feeling ungrateful for your faculties, your money, your political environment or your job and believe that you have no right to feel like shit about your current situation, my coaching will disrupt your life and help you embrace your truth: you are AWESOME, face your pain: Pain is not the enemy and to unlock your self-healing powers: let your intuition lead you and not someone else’s  life that temporarily made you feel good about yours.

My point is here:
You can scroll through all of your feed on facebook, feel inspired, motivated and energized for 45 minutes a day, download all those free mindfulness apps, read all the self-help books in the world but if you do not work on the inner workings of how you think, NOTHING will change. How is what you are doing for yourself working for you right now? If you answered that what you have been doing for the past few weeks, months, or years isn’t working then chances are you have raised no fingers or lifted no feet to change your situation. Engorging yourself with cheap and free content with no accountability to application of it is really a waste of your time and nothing will change unless you break your thinking patterns. Ready to stop creating a reality that you don’t like? Who do you know that has a proven track record of leading others to tap into their inner teacher, their inner healer and their inner truths. A disrupter like me is exactly what you need.

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Kim Johnson
Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity

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