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We realize talking about suicide can be perceived as controversial, complex, scary, sensationalist, voyeuristic and extremely taboo. That is the stigma and taboo speaking. When we allow the stigma and taboo to speak louder than the silenced voices of those experiencing thoughts of not wanting to be alive anymore, we no longer are serving one another, we are serving paradigms. Do you want to change that?

This a structural barrier and internal block that Grounds For Clarity LLC is not afraid to challenge. Are you afraid of what people might think or say and don’t feel ready to bring suicide up because of the retaliation, negative reinforcement and threat put upon you and those you know by society? This is your opportunity to accept our invitation to you to break this cycle.

Suicide intervention, suicide prevention and suicide postvention. Up to until the last few decades, suicide has been seen as something only certain professionals ought to be navigating. The error in this is that by the time we hear about suicide, people have died and become a statistic. Looking to change this for others’ sake as well as yours? Be bold and count your tribe, organization and business as one that values mental health as a normal thing to talk about.

We have been fortunate to been offered platforms to speak in the realm of personal development:

As well as on the life coach pod:

For those of you unfamiliar with the Life coaching and personal development realm, speaking about mental health and suicide is not incredibly common. It is entities like this creating these safe spaces to speak openly and directly about suicide that help bring forward the stigma and taboo and indicate to folks that having these discussions can be had without anticipation of retaliation, punishment or untoward and sometimes unnecessary prolonged stays in a mental ward.

Grounds For Clarity LLC has the honor of speaking on a Facebook page called Healthcare Happy hour. A heartfelt and calming force in the personal development realm named Kathy Fisk Mela has invited Grounds For Clarity LLC Thought Founder Kim Johnson to speak on how to breach these discussions about suicide. Kathy is a calming force and truly cares for those she provides her life coaching to. Kathy is a retired Heathcare worker herself and felt drawn to add value to those lives whose role is to save others’ lives.

It is people like Eric Reid, Jennifer Carole and Kathy Fisk Mela that have taken it a step further beyond participating in the once a year Mental Health Awareness campaigns and discerning it is not enough. They took that action step and became a part of the conversation. It is connecting with entities like Grounds For Clarity LLC that your organization, tribe and people can pinpoint resources for raising awareness to and connecting with the next right step to feel, “ready, willing and able,” (LivingWorks) to have these conversations about suicide before it is too late.

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