Burnt out and Overwhelmed


Past: “No one understands me.”
Present: “No one understands me.”

Past: “I just need to get through this then things will get better.”
Present: “I just need to get through this then things will get better.”

Past: “No one is listening to me. What’s the point anymore.”
Present: “No one is listening to me. What’s the point anymore.”

If you have bottled up feelings from the past chances are you have been hurt badly, ignored and perceived to be someone that is weak or broken. And what adds more pain to that you have been bullying yourself all along.

What do all of us want to feel about the past or the present? Probably this:

To feel confident, open-minded to our present and hopeful for our future.
Or this:

Filled with energy even after a day of work, a difficult life, failed relationships and a cloudy mind.
And especially this:

Of course, we all wish to remain positive and feel great all the time because that is what saturates social media. What this is teaching you is to suppress your authentic feelings in the moment. When society has conditioned you to perceive negativity as being “bad” it makes sense why you are having difficulties embracing it, so you turn to other means to cope the bad feelings away. The truth is, that is avoiding facing the root cause of the problem and the bad feelings will continue to manifest themselves in your life in other ways in the near future.

You probably have this rationale to convince yourself nothing will change by saying something like this:  You do not want to be a burden and you are safer continuing doing things the way you have up to this point. It has worked for you in the past so it should be able to work for you into the future, right? Doing something different and out of the ordinary would raise concern from others and you just do not want to deal with that kind of drama. You will just keep doing what worked for you in the past.

I challenge you to look that paradigm in the eye, the one that tells you things will work out because they have in the past. What if the way you have been approaching your life is not longer the answer? What if you are ready for a change to break this formula of burn out? Burnout = What’s worked up to this point + old beliefs

The truth is, it is not the negativity nor is it the past that is holding you back. The root cause of your  burnout is that the past ways of being and thinking are no longer working for you anymore. Afraid of change? That is normal and understandable.

This relationship with your negative feelings about the current state of your life is not sustainable and until you learn to talk to and embrace those negative feelings, to consider new ways of thinking and living, those internal feelings will continue to grow as a cancer does and spiral into relapse and continuing to feel down as the future unravels.

How can you remedy this relationship with your negative feelings and reconcile your past?
By practicing these new beliefs running contrary to what society endorses:
>> All of your feelings toward who you are now and who you have  been are completely valid and normal to have, none worse nor better than the other.<<

How do you get there?
This is where Grounds for Clarity comes in. Our mission is to enhance your quality of life by restoring your hope in yours. Our Life coaching services are essential to former and current clients, alike, to have a safe space to decompress and experience being told the compassionate truth. We teach our clients to repair their relationship with negativity. The thing is, folks wait until it is too late to show compassion to themselves because no one believes in them. Grounds For Clarity has provided a container of saving lives from suicide, persisting the truth that one can live with suicide thought and that suicide being an self-empowering option is not the only option to making the pain go away. Our clients having experienced, survived and continuing to contemplate it are taught how to nurture self-respect, self-validation and self-compassion.

My clients realize being strong is an illusion.

My clients learn there is no more need to put on an act for others’ comfort.

My clients learn there is no need to feel anything other than what they already are.

My clients emulate self-mastery through leaning on their own internal wisdom to make choices.

My clients discover the answers to the core of their suffering reside within them.

My clients break out of a belief in the world and step into a belief in themselves and their higher powers.

The thing is, my clients’ hope for more in life began initially as uncertainty and skepticism, self-doubt and self-sabotage. They supposed there is no magic wand or red pill and they agreed that change needed to happen to break the cycle of burnout. Immediately after, they committed to invest their time as well as their  money not because they felt we had the answers but because they believed it in their bones that living life differently is a step that would lead to a more successful life.

Are you ready to break the cycle of burnout and break away from hiding in your b.s. story?

I look forward to connecting with you,

Kim Johnson

Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity

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Applied Skills Intervention Suicide Training I provide suicide life-assisting, first aid intervention — I acknowledge and hear what you want. I acknowledge your pain. I hear your suffering. I hear the emotional overwhelm and I am here for you.


Certified Professional Life Coach — I am not a therapist, counselour, “sports” coach, psychiatrist, or consultant. Nothing I do is a substitute for or replacement for Therapy. However, I do educate on how to apply learnings from books regarding mental skills and leveraging emotional intelligence with former life experience from any walk of life.



Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): I am an ELI-MP certified to administer and debrief you on your unique Energy Leadership assessment. With my support, I train your mind toward heart alignment to achieve the feelings you want!


Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching
(iPEC): I completed my coaching training under iPEC’s ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Leadership Potentials training.     

Note: I work with persons of all capabilities and ages. I make accommodations for those with varying degrees of mental health, cognitive development, hearing impairment, physical handicap, visual impairment and also work with folks that do not speak English as a first language. I make accommodations for any and all those interested in working with me.

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