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Raise your awareness to the demons of your past, skeletons in your closet, the shadows un-outrunnable and what to do about it all. 

We have been looking for you. You who are burnt out from living with regret, guilt and loss. Running from the shadows of your past and in denial about your days seemingly blending into one another.

You who is carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and resistant to change that.

You whom have the Universe on your mind and feel you do not deserve a break.

You whom keep busy so as to avoid the hard and fast-hitting feelings of loneliness.

You whom numb yourselves up to avoid facing the creeping shadows by getting high, drunk, accessing the adrenaline rushes, drowning in your devices becoming trapped.

You who feel like a burden, ashamed to even feel the way you do, and weak for believing you are unable to go on carrying on like this: alone, rejected, numb, guilty, filled with regret, and done with this world. If only others knews…if only your problems weren’t so deeply buried, maybe someone would show they cared.

You are Invisible. Your pain is invisible to others. Is it invisible to you? No one can say anything that will shake this reality that seems to keep popping up for you.

Actually. There are many people that get you. I get you. I have lived experience and expertise at being a “high-functioning,” productive, outwardly healthy, sociable, amiable and intelligent person. My favorite game was hide and seek and punch the person in the face that found me. You want to be found but you are also scared to be found.

I am okay if you punch me. In fact, I encourage it. Emotionally speaking. This is the kind of shadow work I do. I link arms with you as you slow your running pace, stop and swivel in place to face the shadows of your past: guilt, regret and loss.

I am looking for you. Join me.

That darkness you are in stops here. You cannot outrun it forever. It will seep into every aspect of your life until you stop and turn around.

What are people saying about the work we do?

Join James Edgar Skye as he reveals how work with us has impacted his life.

Would you like help with this? All of this? Would you like help with itIt is fear of the unknown. Of what will happen if you venture out and break the records of your past stuck on replay? The what will happen if you do something different and no one likes you? The what will happen if things don’t work out? The what will happen if you never deserved the benefit of the doubt, you may have wasted my time? No. You are not a waste of time and you deserve this 2.0…your new beginning. So, how do you get this help?


Stop googling for the next free mindfulness app.

Stop drowning in social media.

Stop investigating the next novel relationship (romantic or not).

Stop pushing people away.

Stop binging on television and numbing yourself

Stop going through therapists like tissue.

Stop using band-aid solutions.

Stop saying to yourself you are NOT ENOUGH.

YOU are NOT a VICTIM. YOU are NOT WEAK. You are ready for 2.0 and at your breaking point.

I invite you to join our Social-Emotional Digital retreat where pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.

Want to learn more about the details of the retreat? What you can anticipate experiencing before, during and after the retreat? Excellent questions.

All I will tell you publicly is: when our retreat is and the deadline to reserve your seat, and what others say about work with Grounds For Clarity, LLC:

When is the next retreat?
Saturday, June 27th – Sunday, June 28th, 2020: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. both days.

When is the deadline to reserve my seat?
Friday, June 26th.

Enter your name and email below and we will contact you for our exploration call to determine if you are ready for a seat in this retreat.

What are people saying about Grounds For Clarity, LLC?
Facing the darkness and triumphing

What are people saying about this weekend retreat?
James Edgar Skye went into the weekend being 100% open-minded. Hear him out. 


Grounds For Clarity LLC will work with you and collaborate with you no matter what.

Have a reputation to uphold and are scared of speaking about suicide because of what people may say or think? Our services are 100% confidential and can be arranged to be 100% anonymous. Hire Grounds For Clarity, LLC and invest in you:

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