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We often don’t hear about suicide until it is in the headline news when someone’s life was lost or on the line.

We often think that we are helpless to do nothing for ourselves and for those we know and care about without deferring to the suicide crisis hotline.

There are many misconceptions, beliefs, prejudices against those having thoughts of suicide or having experienced thoughts about not desiring to live. There are many retaliatory frameworks in society that convince most of us to think that speaking openly about suicide is dangerous. Statistics, in fact, state that speaking openly and directly about suicide decreases the incidences of lives lost from suicide. Grounds For Clarity LLC is the place where stigma and taboo will be faced head on by the collective HearStory: where folks from all walks of life openly share their experiences with suicide, what they learned from them and how they go on living, breathing and thriving into a quality life free from stigma and taboo of suicide.

There is more to suicide than just suicide. We all have a story to tell. Our story just may be another person’s courage and strength. Are you ready to add your voice to the collective HearStory and not sure what that looks like? Get in touch with Ground For Clarity LLC and we will explore the next right step with you.

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Hello everyone! A kindred spirit and I had connected and I felt drawn to ask her if she would be interested in sharing her story.

Please join us in this poignant discussion and well-timed  interview touching on many topics others are scared to come forward and speak about.


My name is Pia Mike. I’ve wanted to share my story for years and thanks to Kim, I finally have.

Allegations of my father molesting my sisters caused me to go to a dark place. There’s help for perpetrators and victims but absolutely none for the children and siblings in these situations! I honestly felt like there was no reason to be here. It took seeing a psychiatrist, thinking of my nieces and nephews, and lots of self love to come out of it. Being a Nanny to amazing kiddos for the last 21yrs didn’t hurt either!

I now know that suicide isn’t the answer and I hope my story lets others like me know that they’re not alone! I’m here if you need someone to talk to❤
Please email at piamike09@gmail.com or message me at Pia Ixchel on Facebook.

Pia Mike”



Victoria Ann Spadaccini, is a……

Rockstar life coach who helps people unleash their inner badass! Side effects include radical love and fulfilling existence. Hit her up:

@: VictoriaSpadaccini@gmail.com
IG: @victoria__euphoria
FB: https://m.facebook.com/mangotsunami

Victoria picture


Victoria has written and directed, and spoken at conferences + events on topics like innovation, happiness, leadership, and influence and dabbles in music and comedy. Consider her stoked to share herself with you and collaborate on your journey. She sends gratitude to every single person who has come this far.




Learn James Edgar Skye’s story, his journey in life experiencing Bipolar-1, his surviving
three suicide attempts and living a quality life to honor transparency of his mental health. At the core of his work, James encourages transparency of mental health — the telling of your personal story — to connect with one another to the despair and loneliness we all have faced at some point in time in our lives due to the stigma and taboo or mental illness. Hear his story.





Cara Sachs



In our darkest moments when we feel life showing up for us time after time after time, it can take every fiber of our being to resist the thoughts that come up of not wanting to be alive anymore. We often wait until suicide happens to open up about these serious conversations of our emotions and feelings getting to the point that nothing works anymore to convince us we matter.

Here, Grounds For Clarity has had the humbling opportunity to lend a platform to elevate another person’s story.

Shaundi Goins is a dear kindred spirit of mine. He is a father, a partner, a business man and most purposefully a spirit spreading love, light and magic.

I invite you to sit with us as Shaundi gives us his story from his own live vocal chords. Perhaps you or someone you know will benefit from hearing his story and his relationship with his higher power and his suicide thoughts.

To learn more about Shaundi, connect with him through his book. He has a compelling story and has weathered tremendous loss and pain. If not to connect with Shaundi, read his book and perhaps, witness the value of you coming forward and sharing yours. We all have a story to tell.

Click From Homeless to Greatness to get his self-published novel!



Listen Within to Win Thought Founder Cassie Eads hosts Grounds for Clarity Thought Founder Kim Johnson as we breach the discussion of suicide in a parent/guardian-child relationship.

It can be stressful raising a child when you aren’t sure how to take the parenting hat off and that is precisely the core goal with Cassie’s trainings, workshops and webinars she innovates to meet parents and their children where they are at.

I wonder how many of us wish this conversation about suicide was easier…particularly with our children, our youth.

I wonder how many of us feel uncomfortable to ask the question directly, “Is suicide on your mind?”

Speaking about suicide is complex, it is a collective discussion and many of us can contribute more to this discussion than we think.

What you will hear and see is not a perfect conversation about suicide because there is no such thing. And Cassie and I have done our best to provide a framework for what collaborative discussion on suicide could look like.


Our guest featured in this video reveals this year marks the 30th anniversary of their failed suicide attempt. I had asked our guest to share their personal experience with surviving their first and last suicide attempt and how they use that as a constant beacon of grounding for them as a testament that people having thoughts of suicide can live a quality life.

Join us as we open up about our own personal journeys with direct discussion of suicide


I invite you to pause and listen to a conversation Yossef Sagi — Certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Founder of Level 7 Coaching–and I had about compassion and how exercising inner compassion can give us the opportunity to view choices outside of suicide that also are ways to dissolve our suffering.

Follow Yossef on IG: yossefsagi
Email: yossefsagi@gmail.com
Website: http://www.levelsevencoaching.com

Book referenced in my conversation with Yossef:

Back From Burnout: Seven Steps to Healing From Compassion Fatigue and Rediscovering (Y)our Heart of Care

Click the above title to be led to Dr. Frank Gabrin’s legacy



Two independent Life Coaches founding the The Life Coach Pod and Success Life U, respectively, hosted Grounds For Clarity in an important and candid discussion about suicide. Due to the stigma and taboo around speaking openly and directly about suicide, it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have for many. These two Life Coaches understood and brought to the table their respective believes and feelings about suicide and what we can actually do to provide support for ourselves and for others in our journeys to understand suicide.

We each have individual and unique reasoning and belief behind why we feel the way we do about suicide. When we share our insight in a collective space, we are better able to see where our feelings with suicide originated and can come to the table with compassion when we challenge one another’s point of views.

Traditionally, the general public met suicide with some form of repression of the subject, avoiding talking about it or feeling that was not their place to speak of it. That changes when platforms like The Life Coach Pod and Success Life U hosts the space for having these difficult conversations and sending the message that suicide is a safe thing to speak about and you do not have to suffer in silence. Tell someone.

There is no perfect segue into suicide prevention and it is can be a challenging conversation to have if you aren’t sure where to start.

Grounds For Clarity featured on The Life Coach Pod
Follow the above link highlight in orange to view our discussion on Suicide Prevention and Suicide Intervention.




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