Emotional Management

What thoughts does the word ’emotions’ evoke for you? Emotions are highly diverse, intricate and tightly woven in with our personal histories, present experiences and future concerns. Feeling like emotions are in the driver’s seat, so to speak, is completely normal. At what point may we consider putting another force in the driver’s seat. What drives your emotions? In a recent webinar for coaching, I learned that emotions can be channeled to work for us and not against us. Oft times, we allow our emotions to become instigated by internal and external voices bringing us to transfer blame, to ignore or to want to run away from what is provoking deep internalized feelings of guilt, fear, sadness or other. What instigates our emotions? In other words, what is pushing our buttons?

When discussing with a client what they would like to work on in session, there are a plethora of opportunities to work through, many of which carry some internal pressures accumulated over time. Perhaps stress, fatigue, or even suppressed feelings and emotions toward someone or something. It reflect on the two types of energies in the universe: catabolic and anabolic. Catabolic energy tears down and initiates a state of atrophy, whereas anabolic energy builds up and elevates a state of existence into a higher power. Across all clients, the pattern is us allowing our buttons to be pushed and falling into a tailspin while channeling catabolic energy. We have all experienced this tailspin from catabolic energy and it makes complete sense why we become incomprehensible to ourselves and incidentally emotionally spent. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. One of my mentors states that we become comfortable in our self-destructive ways. If we fall yesterday, then we shall get back up today. What is it costing you to be in a perpetual state of emotional mismanagement?

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