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“I came to Kim because I needed some clarity for my own relationship problem. I was not in a very good place after finding out that I had developed some strong feelings for my friend. I felt stuck after being friend zoned and my feelings weren’t going away. I called Kim and asked her to coach me on my relationship problem because I would really like to move forward in this aspect of my life.

I felt I was heard after talking to Kim. She’s very caring and she provided a safe space for me to unpack some of my heavy emotions. She’s very supportive on helping me gaining clarity to see what was keeping me from moving forward. She helped me gain a different perspective on my relationship and also helped me realize things that are important to me.”

Michelle Kuei

-Founder at Elevate Life Coaching

“Coach Kim is one of the best coaches today, in helping people with emotional management.

She helps you see the endless possibilities for your life. Quite simply, Kim helps her clients get results. 

What impresses me the most about Coach Kim is she helps others live a successful & fulfilling lifestyle. There are a lot of people that are successful but not fulfilled.

If you have the privilege to be coached by Coach Kim, she will change your life! Don’t think about it, take action right now because you’re going to work with an expert.”

Shaundi Goins

Author, Transformation Coach, Speaker, Trainer

“I recently experienced my first time coaching. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and how Kim was going to be. Meeting her was great. I was able to share what was dwelling in and out of my mind for some time. At first I thought that I didn’t need coaching until she had helped me dig up a couple of things. 

I was quite low in energy for quite some time. I thought it may have been my routine, diet, or lifestyle. It turns out that it was a couple of recent past experiences that I thought had passed through. It was past experiences that were still sapping away at my energy. Kim helped me reacquaint myself with those experiences which was very unpleasant. Even though it was unpleasant, I was able to find a solution, take another perspective, and properly grieve. 

It would have taken me a lot longer to figure it out if I hadn’t went to Kim. It feels great to be able to pursue my dreams and goals with a lot less weight off my mind.” 

Vixian Phimmasone

To have found clarity and an ability to shift focus on to my desires and see life as a challenge and a joy, and not as something to be escaped from is now what my life is about. And it was KP [Kim Possible] who got me thinking about how I could engage with this simple and profound way of thinking. For me to be able to process and accept that I am right where I’m supposed to be is a wonderful and profound recognition. And this shifting of my perspective allowed me to bring forth new, and exciting ideas to apply to my daily life and the world around me, to grow through self discovery. Thank you KP for helping me elicit new responses in my thoughts, beliefs, and general mindset.