We at Grounds For Clarity LLC understand how breaching direct and open conversations about suicide can be scary, confusing and feel heavy to maintain or interject into our daily life.

Fact: speaking about suicide saves lives. How? There are many people that are asking for your help and you may not know it. Very rarely will someone out and say the word suicide as their repertoire for asking for help. When we speak openly about suicide, that creates an atmosphere of proactive care, respect and acceptance for despair, hopelessness and what we all may wrestle with at some point in our lives, isolation.

Speaking openly and directly about suicide also takes the compulsion for guesswork, need for generalizing who needs help, and removes our habit of assuming who is one that might have suicide on their mind. Suicide doesn’t discriminate so why should we?

Our understanding of suicide and voicing of it may come off bold, law-breaking, voyeuristic or other. Rest assured, we are vetted through community members and have science by our side. Our stance of speaking directly about suicide is founded upon over 30 years of peer-reviewed, applied and regularly utilized research into suicide prevention. Our conviction that speaking about suicide saves lives comes from LivingWorks. The mission of LivingWorks runs the same vein as Grounds For Clarity LLC in that we believe we all can play a more proactive role in suicide prevention than we might have been led to believe.

Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity LLC Kim Johnson is an active LivingWorks ASIST provisional trainer, LivingWorks Start graduate and former suicide crisis prevention hotline operator.ย  She was shocked to discover that she did not require any formal (work experience, education) nor informal experience (firsthand experiencing with suicide) and wasn’t screened beforehand other than a role-play and 16 hours of suicide prevention training. She strongly believes that anyone can learn these skills and that there is no more powerful learning experience than restoring self-empowerment.


Utilizing teaching skills acquired from working in the public school system as an after-school instructor, substitute teacher, independent living skills trainer, mental health aide, crisis hotline operator, paraprofessional of all sorts, Kim Johnson openly shares her experiences with suicide, her darkness and hears your confusions and helplessness in what to do to feel more prepared to save lives and others and our own lives from suicide.ย  She has witnessed firsthand the detriment of feeling ill-equipped not having all first hand experience herself, can have when going green into a life-threatening situation for yourself and for those it is your calling to help live a quality life. If you feel you fall short of being an advocate for someone or even for yourself, connect with someone that can.

That is where Kim Johnson comes in. She has been there and wants to support you in this lifelong journey by connecting you with adequate community resources and local mental health activists with lived experiences with mental health diagnoses or life events. Her active ambition is to provide educational content, formal and informal networking opportunities, thought-provoking community driven discussions and video interviews and testimonials to the global community at large to underscore the need for a community comprehensive approach to saving lives from suicide: “Suicide is a community health problem.” – LivingWorks

You have arrived to this page because you want to learn how to feel more prepared to have these conversations for others and maybe even for yourself. If you are here and still unsure about what it is you seek, we can provide a safe space for you to open up and explore collaboratively what it is that intuitively led you here. We are in this together.

Services Grounds For Clarity LLC has connected folks with:

LivingWorks ASIST

LivingWorks Startย 

Energy Leadership Index Assessment*
*service available at Grounds For Clarity LLC

Compassionate Suicide Crisis Life Coaching*
*service exclusively available at Grounds For Clarity LLC

iPEC Life Coaches/ Life Coaches*
*matchmaking service offered complimentary through Grounds For Clarity LLC

We are here to support you in building your preparedness in saving your own life and saving others lives from suicide and preventing an emotional crisis from ever happening.

Please reach out.

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