My Most Authentic self

My name is Kim Johnson and I am coming out of a closet. The closet is chronic sadness and depression. For the longest time, I believed that being in that closet was something I had no control over. There were so many […]

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Personality Shaming and what to do about it

This post will be a culmination point for much of my Coaching and life pursuits, relationships, career goals…basically, I will share some personal accounts and what steps I took to move forward from situations wrought with suffering. Recently the loose ends in […]

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Is it my fault I feel bad in my relationships? Why do I feel bad?

Hi there. Today is a day like no other because it is its own day. Maybe you are feeling not so great today, maybe, you do not feel, maybe you just are human and that’s that. There is no judgment here. I […]

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