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Be discreet, don’t draw attention to yourself…be small.

I do not like watching television. I do not like sitting and engaging in passive activities. So, as I sit here, although I do not like sitting, it does bring me joy to share what is on my mind. One of the […]

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Compounded Institutionalized Racism in the United States. What can you do?

Grounds For Clarity, LLC understands that inequity exists on our soil. United States soil. When others hurt, we hurt. When we see hurt we do not just stand by. We all have reasoning for behind why we are responding the way we […]

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How can you raise awareness of Grounds For Clarity?

June 1st marks Grounds For Clarity LLC’s last day on Facebook. Most of our awareness campaign has spread prolifically across Facebook. Now that we no longer have facebook, we will be focusing our efforts on crafting our services and amplifying our voice […]

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Are you burnt out and looking for change.

This is a professional service offered by Grounds For Clarity LLC and people come to us when they want a sounding board and are feeling trapped in their life with no way out except to deeply consider this question — Is there […]

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What can partnering and Collaborating with Grounds For Clarity look like?

Grounds For Clarity, LLC is partnering with The Bipolar Writer in new and grand ways. Learn more about how to partner and collaborate with Grounds For Clarity, LLC! For those of you that like sharing Grounds For Clarity content, please make sure […]

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