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Raising awareness…

Eckhart Tolle’s name continued to pop up. Never had I heard of him until he started popping up. Turns out he is not new news. With every sentence read and every page turned, there is this thin veil of anxiety, stress, frustration […]

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Perspective fills the void…where empathy, sympathy and compassion fall short.

Sometimes I wonder how we may treat a friend, family member, colleague, acquaintance, etc, differently, if one of their 5 senses differed from ours. What if their body language was different? What if someone was actually incapable of producing the response you […]

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Be discreet, don’t draw attention to yourself…be small.

I do not like watching television. I do not like sitting and engaging in passive activities. So, as I sit here, although I do not like sitting, it does bring me joy to share what is on my mind. One of the […]

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Want to experience your life differently?

I can only speak for myself but I used to be that person that would rush to someone’s side at the first sign of their discomfort and seek to provide them some sort of resolution to their pain. I used to be […]

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Is it my fault I feel bad in my relationships? Why do I feel bad?

Hi there. Today is a day like no other because it is its own day. Maybe you are feeling not so great today, maybe, you do not feel, maybe you just are human and that’s that. There is no judgment here. I […]

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What lessons are you avoiding healing from?

Finding your emotions taking a turn, feeling in a place of confusion, feeling wrought with regret and torn with guilt? What lesson are you avoiding healing from?     You could be burnt out and don’t even know it. Emotionally spent, fatigued […]

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