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Eckhart Tolle’s name continued to pop up. Never had I heard of him until he started popping up. Turns out he is not new news.

With every sentence read and every page turned, there is this thin veil of anxiety, stress, frustration and sadness that lifts and things seem to become more in focus.

Reading it reminds me of two of the podcasts I created a little more than a year ago. Then, I was struggling with depression, heartbreak, heartache and major imposter syndrome in my early, early stages of clarifying Grounds For Clarity into existence as a business. A soul-led and intuitively guided, business. Not simple. Not following anyone’s agenda, even mine. It is the divine’s agenda. Which is what is bringing the underscording of what Eckhart Tolle is a conduit for: Universal wisdom. This conversation with the Divine is becoming more and more central to the passing days. How often has your day, week, month been successful with your ego being in the driver’s seat? Being held emotionally accountable by ourselves is a fool’s errand. Reach out to others’ that will agree to not buy into your stories anymore, your self-sabotaging behaviors, your excuses, your settling…your rationalizing.

Exercise caution — the overall undertones of the podcasts come off quite heavy for those that may not be willing, ready or able to look past the vibes and hear the words.

Here we go:

Ownership Crushes Creativity


Our Visual World

Your Story Could Be Another Person’s Courage and Strength

Now here is a call to action.

To those of you liking these blogs, what is it about the blog that you like? Also, what is your intention behind liking the blog? What skeletons in the closet of yours do the blog posts appearing here, on Grounds For Clarity, bring out?

If you are here because you are hungry and curious for your own sake, look here for what disruptions may be in store for you:


Are you feeling exhausted from no one believing you?

Tired of feeling misunderstood?

Sick and tired of, “It is what it is,” and forcing this daily grind because that is what grown-ups do?

It doesn’t have the carry on this way. It is all a choice.

Wanna learn about investing in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment?


We will custom place you with resources upon completion of your ELI Debrief complimentary for choosing Grounds For Clarity as the one to administer your ELI. We are passionate about serving those ready for a disruption.

In Disruption we Trust,

Grounds For Clarity, LLC


I want this to be a safe space to share my goings-on while I dig deep into my journey of self-discovery. What brings me to my desire to share my journey? I wish to provide life-coaching services to others. I coach to help others uncover what it is that is holding them back from accomplishing what is dearest in their hearts, spirit and minds. I am currently a student at iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching. I am determined to disseminate my coaching services to all those interested. While I coach, I also would like to share bits and pieces of what it is that I do as a life coach-to-be and inversely, what I do not do. I am an imagineer, at your service. That is the best way I can describe a life coach to you. As a life coach-to-be, I can teach you how to think outside the box, consider alternative perspectives and reflect on what influences your thoughts. If any of this sounds like something you are experiencing, what is stopping you from moving forward? A space to message me may be found on the middle menu option on my home page. I acknowledge, appreciate and embody gratitude for each and every one of you and the struggles which you endeavour each and every moment. No one is a stranger to adversity. We can all overcome adversity because of our combined diversity. Thank you for contributing your time into our growing and collective, worldly diversity. Endearingly yours, Kim

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