Suicide is scary to talk about…



Yes. Suicide can be scary to talk about and that’s fear. That’s all it is, is fear. And, of course we are afraid to talk about suicide for fear what others might think of us or worse, say. Of course we are afraid to breach discussion on suicide because we are taught to avoid intervening if we aren’t trained. Of course we are afraid to come forward about it because we don’t want to make any mistakes. And of course, we are afraid to open up about suicide maybe being on our mind because repercussions may lead us to be labeled, pathologized or not be taken seriously.


And really, there is more to suicide than suicide. Here is something to frame this so it makes more sense.


When working on the Suicide Crisis Prevention Line, I was learning all of the terminology related to Suicide Intervention as I went to operate the hotline alone. For me, the steep learning curve was part of it because All in All, I had only myself to reflect with (this detail is important for further context). When speaking with people calling the crisis line, I started noticing a pattern…most of them did not have suicide on their mind, they merely sought out a means to an end to their emotional pain.

Suicide is more than just suicide. It is about being in a state of emotional overwhelm and the dam holding back all the stress, all of the frustration, all of the numbness, hopelessness and despair, has broken. This is not a spontaneous event and having pain build up takes time. Suicide is not an isolated event. We all actually know more about suicide than we might think if we can frame it through the lens of emotional overwhelm and breakdowns of dams. Working alone on the hotline made me pay attention to the fact that the only person with the answers I needed to hear them from was the person on the other line with me.


It is okay to be unsure where to start. And of course we are scared because we do not wish to hurt anyone or we are scared of being judged for having these thoughts. This is because there are worldwide stigmas and taboos associated with suicide. Have hope: Anyone can learn how to become more prepared to emotionally support one another and life can prevail.

Some questions to consider before watching:

🀝 To whom is it important to have a resolution? You or the other person?

🀝 What is propelling the conversation?

🀝 On whose terms and on whose timeline am I seeing from?

🀝 What stands between me and the other person getting through to one another?


Who should watch this video?

Anyone regardless of their formal and informal roles, anyone 16 years or older interested in learning first steps to providing emotional support for one another when in crisis.



Cassie Eads is a mother to two boys. She is a Life Mastery Consultant and CEO of Listen Within to Win.
If you would like to learn more about her book,Β My Suicidal Son,Β the services she offers and wish to get to know more about the work she does, pleaseΒ click this text to be led to her facebook business page.

I want this to be a safe space to share my goings-on while I dig deep into my journey of self-discovery. What brings me to my desire to share my journey? I wish to provide life-coaching services to others. I coach to help others uncover what it is that is holding them back from accomplishing what is dearest in their hearts, spirit and minds. I am currently a student at iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching. I am determined to disseminate my coaching services to all those interested. While I coach, I also would like to share bits and pieces of what it is that I do as a life coach-to-be and inversely, what I do not do. I am an imagineer, at your service. That is the best way I can describe a life coach to you. As a life coach-to-be, I can teach you how to think outside the box, consider alternative perspectives and reflect on what influences your thoughts. If any of this sounds like something you are experiencing, what is stopping you from moving forward? A space to message me may be found on the middle menu option on my home page. I acknowledge, appreciate and embody gratitude for each and every one of you and the struggles which you endeavour each and every moment. No one is a stranger to adversity. We can all overcome adversity because of our combined diversity. Thank you for contributing your time into our growing and collective, worldly diversity. Endearingly yours, Kim


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