Where do you trust?

Addition to the post, Friday, March 2th, 2020: 

I tend to be all over the place in my earlier podcasts, these being one of them. My core thoughts here are that we subconsciously invest our trust in person, places, things, beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, feelings…the past, and expect things and hope that outcomes will be different. Things simply end up in a disaster with more pain, accumulating frustrations and confusion. 

Here, I just explore what our subconscious trust habits are and to really self-reflect on where we place our trust and how raising our self-awareness to these things, lending time to think  and reflect on what brought us to do that, can help shed light on why we feel uncomfortable, lost or abandoned even in tasks where we see others seem to be handling with grace and ease.


I want this to be a safe space to share my goings-on while I dig deep into my journey of self-discovery. What brings me to my desire to share my journey? I wish to provide life-coaching services to others. I coach to help others uncover what it is that is holding them back from accomplishing what is dearest in their hearts, spirit and minds. I am currently a student at iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching. I am determined to disseminate my coaching services to all those interested. While I coach, I also would like to share bits and pieces of what it is that I do as a life coach-to-be and inversely, what I do not do. I am an imagineer, at your service. That is the best way I can describe a life coach to you. As a life coach-to-be, I can teach you how to think outside the box, consider alternative perspectives and reflect on what influences your thoughts. If any of this sounds like something you are experiencing, what is stopping you from moving forward? A space to message me may be found on the middle menu option on my home page. I acknowledge, appreciate and embody gratitude for each and every one of you and the struggles which you endeavour each and every moment. No one is a stranger to adversity. We can all overcome adversity because of our combined diversity. Thank you for contributing your time into our growing and collective, worldly diversity. Endearingly yours, Kim

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