Button Pushing

I would like to share three things that I am grateful for, preceding my post:

  • Deep satisfaction from hearing, seeing, feeling, music emit from my Ukelele while I strum (I love the island strum)
  • The first taste of Winterโ€™s navel orange (My favorite fruit)
  • The warmth of the sun on my skin

The planner I received from Best Self co., encourages me to list three things I am grateful for, once in the morning and once at night. Either that, or one thing and three reasons why I am grateful for that one thing. What it does, after consciously choosing to follow this routine, I feel more grounded.ย ๐Ÿ™‚ย What are three things you are grateful for? Adversely, what is one thing you are grateful for and three reasons why?

Button pushing. Something that happens with me a lot at my job. I currently work at Amazon LLC.. Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone, not Amazonโ€™s. I do on occasion, linger in the fact that because of the fast-paced atmosphere at the sort center, the managers do not always have time to acknowledge, thank and validate our efforts, as Floor associates. I used to feel entitled to have a frustrated attitude. I thought, well, if they donโ€™t appreciate me, then fine. So, I would stew. But, it took me a year of working there (โ€ฆI am rounding up by a few weeks) to realize, it isnโ€™t Amazon, it is me that allows myself to succumb to feeling unappreciated. It is a huuuuuge bonus to be given that vocal acknowledgment but I realized I couldnโ€™t always allow that to get under my skin. Realistically, I was only hurting myself. When I feel my thundercloud (this is my gremlin โ€” coaching terminology), I realize I have some choices to make. I could get upset and let myself stew, feel miserable and wait for managerial recognition. OR, I could stop, breathe and take a look at what is really going on. I guess I realized that it was pretty normal to feel bad from being underappreciated but why spend my energy feeling like a victim, when I could just find others ways to feel deep connectedness to work. My steps I use at work to navigate when I have my buttons pushed:

  1. Stop.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Opt for an outside perspective โ€” Ask this question: What is really going on here?
  4. Sing, dance, speak with others and acknowledge their efforts.
  5. Receive appreciation, conversation and validation for my energy.

Easier said than done, but this truly works. Sometimes, when I sense I am off to a rough start, I even confide in someone, be it my partner, a co worker, my brother or my mom. I just am honest that I am not feeling it. Normalizing your emotions is a way to disenfranchise them from your steering wheel of how your dayโ€™s energy can roll out. I am human so, when things get incredibly challenging at Amazon, I choose to dance and sing. It always works for me. Preventing myself from thinking or saying things that end up fueling my metaphorical victim fire, does not lead anywhere well.

What do you do when your buttons are pushed and how come it works/ doesnโ€™t work?

Endearingly yours,



I want this to be a safe space to share my goings-on while I dig deep into my journey of self-discovery. What brings me to my desire to share my journey? I wish to provide life-coaching services to others. I coach to help others uncover what it is that is holding them back from accomplishing what is dearest in their hearts, spirit and minds. I am currently a student at iPEC, Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching. I am determined to disseminate my coaching services to all those interested. While I coach, I also would like to share bits and pieces of what it is that I do as a life coach-to-be and inversely, what I do not do. I am an imagineer, at your service. That is the best way I can describe a life coach to you. As a life coach-to-be, I can teach you how to think outside the box, consider alternative perspectives and reflect on what influences your thoughts. If any of this sounds like something you are experiencing, what is stopping you from moving forward? A space to message me may be found on the middle menu option on my home page. I acknowledge, appreciate and embody gratitude for each and every one of you and the struggles which you endeavour each and every moment. No one is a stranger to adversity. We can all overcome adversity because of our combined diversity. Thank you for contributing your time into our growing and collective, worldly diversity. Endearingly yours, Kim


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