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My name is Kim Johnson and I am the thought founder of Grounds for Clarity, writer, podcaster, and a passionate leader devoted to teaching you how to live the quality of life you deserve. 

Chances are you happened upon one of my podcasts, posts or videos. Maybe something about what I said intrigued you and you came here to learn a little more about me. In any case, I am happy you are here.

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I am a California girl whose heart resides in France, loves to sing and play Ukelele and has a taste for life on eight wheels (pssssttt…roller blades 😉 ). When I am feeling adventurous, I record my thoughts in my studio, explore the world to meet and teach people just like me to strive to enhance the essence of their lives.  My life wasn’t always this way, though. Follow me here to learn more about my story and why I do the work that I do. 

Still curious about what Grounds for Clarity is all about? Well, it is a place where I foster 100% honesty affirming you have permission to feel and be human. I believe the time is always ripe to decide enough is not enough! If you have constant thoughts of walking out on your job, are tired of waking up doing the same thing every day, who do you know that can help you change that? It sounds like you need help from a highly-skilled and status quo rule-breaker. 😉 Wonder where you can find one of those?

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I am looking forward to joining you in this exciting journey!



Kim Johnson

Certified Professional Life Coach — I am not a therapist, counselour, “sports” coach, psychiatrist, or consultant. However, I do educate on how to apply learnings from books regarding mental skills and leveraging emotional intelligence with former life experience from any walk of life.

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): I am an ELI-MP certified to administer and debrief you on your unique Energy Leadership assessment. With my support, I train your mind toward heart alignment to achieve the feelings you want!

Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): I completed my coaching training under iPEC’s ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Leadership Potentials training.     

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Note: I work with persons of all capabilities and ages. I make accommodations for those with varying degrees of mental health, cognitive development, hearing impairment, physical handicap, visual impairment and also work with folks that do not speak English as a first language. I make accommodations for any and all those interested in working with me.

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