Unveil your Self-healing powers and re-write your Inner truths




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My name is Kim Johnson.

My purpose:
Through my intelligence, seriousness, ambition and thoughtfulness, I spread truth and rekindle your voice to unveil your self-healing powers and rewrite your inner truths.

My passion:
I love being a voice of truth and I enjoy discovering self-healing powers for myself and others.

My truth:
The truth is,  I deserve to build my soul-led business and live a purpose-driven life.

My vision:
I serve those having experienced  and or having thoughts of suicide, suicidal ideation, committed suicide, survived suicide and or depression the world-over. I work with global corporations, create platforms for open conversation about difficult and hush-hush  topics on mental health to divorce it from its controversial image. I help others to tap into their deeper connections with themselves, the world around them and all those in it, to realize their own abilities and journey to inner self-healing. I talk to three serious people, one-on-one, for one year each and walk with them every step of the way as they discover what it means, in every sense of the words, to ENJOY THEIR LIVES. I spread the truth, I disrupt lives and I heal healers that want badly to feel good in their own skins and then some. I help highly mentally blocked individuals to tap into their-higher power ordained abilities to heal themselves and to re-write their inner truths to live fully the rest of their lives.

Now, are you part of my vision? Are you desperate to breath life into your lungs? Don’t remember or know what that feels like? Do you want to remove that weight of the world from your shoulders and to feel better about yourself? Are you exhausted in your mental despair, lose sleep at night and overall just feel stuck up in your head saying mean things to yourself? Truth is, to say you want to do something meaningful, is one thing. To feel good enough, to feel good enough to to deserve to feel good and reap the fruits of your hypothetical labor, is a whole other thing altogether. Here is where I get real sincere…

Truth is, I cannot make your Lifestyle better. Truth is, I do not have the answers. Truth is, I do not know you better than you know you. Truth is, only you can set yourself free from your human bonds. Thing is, you CAN learn how to do this. The truth may not feel the way it seems. Now, how to translate your desperation and want to enjoy your life, into the physical realm…Who do you know that can help you get there from just talking about wanting a better life for yourself to enjoying a life all your own?

What does it mean to feel ready to enjoy your life? It means instead of living your life….

  • feeling burnt out being beyond able to cope with stress, you are willing to have the energy to pause and consider how to best put your emotional well-being first!
  • feeling unhappy with back-to-back days of busy-work, you have your day filled with intention feeling affirmed in following yourself and your days are meaningful!
  • feeling guilty and drained for responding to all your social media outlets, binge watching tv or settling for that hangout, you feel empowered to read that book, set a 3 month goal, or to try something new!


You are moments away from living a life where your dignity is restored by none other than you and you finally live a life where respecting yourself is a top priority. You are tired of feeling scared and void of motivation. You are finished with procrastinating and not putting in work for things you want. You are done getting caught up in your excuses and habits keeping you from all of your academic, professional and personal endeavours. All it is is fear. You are afraid. You are not living your life and you know that fear is really what is in charge of sabotaging every relationship you hold dear or used to hold dear.

You can shift the way you look at your life. You are in such a beautifully, messy place right now and right where you need to be. You just do not know it yet. Want to give in to your yearning and deep-burning, curiosity to learn how to attain more emotional balance in all areas of your life?

AWESOME! I develop individualized plans especially for your particular needs. Perhaps, you feel it is time management you want to look at in your life? Perhaps, it is the job you wish to leave and the dream you wish to achieve? Perhaps, you struggle with prioritizing healthy relationships and developing realistic expectations towards others in your life? Perhaps, you feel it is you and you are the reason the world seems to gang up on you? We can work together to get you to take several steps in the direction you want your life to go and to feel incredibly refreshed, dignified and invigorated with the person you are becoming. Ready? Let’s get started! Look to the lower-right half of this webpage and you will find two floating icons: Messenger and WhatsApp. Choose the app you prefer, leave me a voice clip or text message telling me your name and that you are ready to choose yourself first! 


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Curious to learn more about what pulled me to become a Mental Health Lifestyle coach? Follow me by clicking here to read my story and what began as a personal journey became my unique Coaching lifestyle.

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I am looking forward to joining you in this exciting journey!



Kim Johnson

Certified Professional Life Coach — I am not a therapist, counselour, “sports” coach, psychiatrist, or consultant. Nothing I do is a substitute for or replacement for Therapy. However, I do educate on how to apply learnings from books regarding mental skills and leveraging emotional intelligence with former life experience from any walk of life.

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): I am an ELI-MP certified to administer and debrief you on your unique Energy Leadership assessment. With my support, I train your mind toward heart alignment to achieve the feelings you want!

Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): I completed my coaching training under iPEC’s ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Leadership Potentials training.     

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Note: I work with persons of all capabilities and ages. I make accommodations for those with varying degrees of mental health, cognitive development, hearing impairment, physical handicap, visual impairment and also work with folks that do not speak English as a first language. I make accommodations for any and all those interested in working with me.

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