Find Clarity in Life

Dear Cherished Devotees, followers, friends, raving fans and spiritual torchbearers of our coaching endeavours:

Grounds for Clarity in its website form is not the only being under construction, it is myself as well. I will be taking a three months-time hybrid leave of what you may call a sabbatical/ vacation/ wanderlust  escapade/ unplugging investment in myself. I have been met with absolutely HUGE personal growth spiritually, mentally and socially and ideas for this world’s future of ours are blossoming. These three months will be for me, to just unwind, detach emotionally from my recent excitement into the world of coaching and people investing. But I digress. I came here not to wax poetic on my adventure just beyond the horizon but to talk about you. You, too, are under construction. I am curious to know if it is construction you are taking part in? What are you doing about it? If you have not the faintest idea what I am saying, I have some CLARITY ahead that might make sense of all of this construction hubbub I am throwing your way and give you a sense of the kinds of people I am looking for. Before I continue, I want to really honor your time and mine, since you have read this far, and I wish to only speak to serious individuals deeply interested in how to be under construction through self-investment. I am talking about me challenging someone clarify to themselves how their past and current time and money investment is serving them?  Are they setting themselves up for success, whatever that may mean for them? Would you say they invest their money and time constructively? If you intuit they do not albeit, they want to change, read on. If you sense they absolutely give no shits about what I am talking about, please consider others or navigate away from this page. If you are unsure about this person, the choice is yours. Here goes..

If someone you knew had $100,000, what do you believe they would invest in?

Executive chefs?
A vacation?
Video games?

What about investing in a life-changing conversation?

What if I told you there is a service out there that would not only increase its value as many fold as you put effort in, AND, the dividends begin within you? Indeed, I am not speaking of something you ingest, or an object to behold: I am speaking of a conversation.

What if I told this person that after having this conversation, everything will click? They can replay their life back and current, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, procrastination, paralysis, and chronic unhappiness would suddenly make sense? After a single conversation, they will feel deep healing, the truth will reveal itself and they will instantaneously move forward to take steps toward becoming THE true self. This is all possible, if they truly put the energy in and are brutally honest with them self about their past, present and future in this single conversation.

Look at it this way, as a global society, we invest upwards of billions upon billions of dollars into services, self-help books, material possessions, adopting different lifestyles if you will, in seek of FEELING better and yet…most of us still feel unhappy, wind up feeling broke, in debt, having lost time, or in excess of things collected and hoarded over time. It is time to face facts: it will take much more than investing in an outward lifestyle change. It will take investment on INWARD lifestyle change, as well. Is the person you are thinking of listening to what their gut is telling them? Do you believe this person is avoiding the truth? What are they running from? What are they failing to invest in? Is it themselves?

In a single conversation, with complete sincerity on someone’s part whom you may know, they will surely feel immense emotional and mental pain before they experience immense internal and physical gain. All I ask is for brutal honesty with oneself and an investment of the above mentioned, $100,000. The reason why I share how much this will cost is to return the honesty. I want to be upfront with you — This is an investment of a lifetime and I am in this to be the best support for this person that I can be. All of the resources and techniques I will share in conversation will stay with them for the rest of their life, if they strive to do so, aim to do so, achieve doing so.

I will only take on one conversation with the person that is most committed to personal investment, brutal honesty, and is committed to changing their life.

This once in a lifetime opportunity shall open up again on May 26th, 2019. Until then, Grounds for Clarity is Under Construction.

If you know someone this special service speaks to, tell them this life-changing, opportunity will soon be available. In addition, know that this conversation is 100% confidential and what happens within the confines of it remain to be, 100% confidential.



See that countdown? When it runs out, this is when I will begin taking single paying clients for $100,000, I will coach someone..THE person that is willing to experience the change that will last them a LIFETIME. Personally message me here sharing with me the conviction that someone you know absolutely NEEDS, WANTS and is COMMITTED to being coached by me. Please remember to give an exact date and start time this person will be able to honor the call on. I will not spoil it, the amazing extra gifts this fearless person will get but… who am I kidding, I want to be transparent and honest how someone of this caliber will be welcomed with my coaching services.

This person will be given lifelong email access to me, THE Life-hacking coach. In addition, they will get an inside look into the construction Grounds for Clarity and I will be undergoing and All VIP Passes to experience the new projects in store for the coming year. 

Last but not least, I will be withdrawing from my website and from prospecting clients, focusing on wrapping up my iPEC experience, spending time with loved ones, and stipulating my goals for Grounds for Clarity upon my arrival back. If you are un-fazed and feel strongly tugged to contact me personally, you may do so here with 1000%  absolute honesty, of course. 

17.5.19 I am completing the last week of my trip abroad and I wish to invite you to hear me speak. I have much to say. Stay tuned. 


Kim Johnson

Certified Professional Coach