Unveil your inner teacher: Tap into your inner truths, embrace your pains and unlock your self-healing powers!


Grounds For Clarity holds the conviction that the emotional pain you are experiencing, when tapped into and understood, in due time reveals itself to be your greatest teacher. We can help you learn the, “how,” to bottleneck your emotional pain from becoming your greatest source of suffering. But how do we do that? First, I want to give you a framework and timeline for how we ended up here…lost, confused and in need of learning this skill in the first place, feeling abandoned by society.

Do you ever feel grateful when you are hurting emotionally? Of course not, why would we? It hurts! When is the last time someone took your hurt feelings or mental health for that matter, seriously? Be honest…what else left is there to do but to turn to things that hold promise of keeping the feeling and mental pain at bay, after all, that is what everyone else does, is cope and hope for the next moment and day to be different. Distractions never work…right? You ever wonder why that is and how come these things never actually work? What is pain, anyway?

A quick internet search defines pain as:

Noun — “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury,” and, “mental suffering or distress.”


Verb –“cause mental or physical pain to.”

Interesting…so, pain can be a thing or an action regardless of being emotional or physical.

Tell me what you see and feel when you scroll through social media, log into your free apps, or community forums, YouTube, etc.?


There is just simply too much information, too many people, so much going on here, how can you even have space to breathe? Why on Earth would anyone talk about the emotional nuances of their day. No one wants to see any of that and no one will like your stuff if you do. Be positive! You can hide those unnecessary feelings; they too shall pass. Don’t be a downer.

And finally, what do our family, friends, colleagues, spiritual circles and professional caretakers, the ones we turn to and expect to know what to do to help us when we are in so much pain, say to us and make us feel? Did we put our trust in the wrong people?

Not everyone is fortunate, in the moment, to be surrounded by a supportive community, useful resources, that can see past circumstances, and what is perceived to be your reality, and actually understand that the pain you are going through is more than you can bear. What do you do when asking for help and seeking answers doesn’t work any more and you feel out of options? No one seems to understand you so why try anyway?

Of course navigating through your people circles for help with emotional pain can be incredibly confusing, disappointing and exhausting when you and others around you still operate by society’s rules to be fearful of your ,”negativity,” ,”drama,” and to avoid opening up, deeply afraid to be judged, for, “being a downer,” or to be brushed off because that person is afraid of, “pushing you off the edge.” Of course, it is heartbreaking because you are asking for help to feel better and instead and all you get is band-aid solutions or cookie-cutter responses that end up making you feel “bad,” out to be ,”negative,” or ,”weak,” and unable to ,”handle,” your situation and to just get a move on and that is how life is so better get used to it. You don’t see anyone else crying.

Which brings me full circle to why we all need to learn the skill necessary to transition our pain to become our teacher. No one aside from ourselves, in spite of all arrows pointing to look outside of ourselves, can experience and translate our pain for us. We have it all backwards. Those outside of us will never fully understand what it feels like for us to go through what we are going through because our experience is unique to us. It is important for you to learn the skills necessary to embody that pain is inevitable and also is desperately waiting to become your unique teacher whom no one else can tap into except you. Continue looking outside yourself for translations and it simply won’t work, leaving us feeling disheartened, damaged, broken, worthless, without hope and all alone in this world. Yes, it is true others can intuitively guide you but really it is you that has all the answers. Here are some things you need to hear and it may be your first time in your life you have heard them:

#1: You have every right to feel the way you do and of course your emotional pain feels unbearable — no one is listening to you and that is adding to your pain. It is okay to not feel okay.
#2: How you are feeling right now is a completely normal experience and is unique to you.
#3: You are strong and you are bold for advocating for yourself and asking for help through expressing your truest and most raw feelings. And of course it is difficult to share because you continue to be let down and ignored.
#4: You deserve a fighting chance and you are worthy of life in the midst of all you are going through.

Know that things get worse before they get better and that it doesn’t have to stay that way. What has brought you here is a quest to make amends with your pain and you aren’t quite sure how to do that and that is okay. it may feel at times as if the sky is falling and there is nothing left for you here anymore. You find yourself wanting to quit, to give up and to leave this life behind — no one seems to care anyway. Nothing actually matters, you rationalize. Sometimes, when people feel like things just aren’t working out and they have a lot going on and cannot take it anymore, all of it can trigger thoughts of suicide. Are you having thoughts of suicide? If your answer is yes, know that you are not alone and I am here for you and am not scared that you are thinking about suicide. I feel it is important for you to know that. My question for you is, what will you do now to become equipped to experience the hope of life, that brought you to me, that I sense from you? Would you like help feeling more hope with your situation?

Grounds for Clarity serves you through Compassionate Suicide Crisis Coaching in a step-by-step process to build a tool necessary to dismantle your relationship with your pain in order to healthily embrace it and understand it: we get you to the core of your emotional pain.

Experience Compassion:
Locate when in your life your fear and aversion to your emotional pain began.
Experience Suicide Crisis Intervention (ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training):
Pinpoint the current triggers of your pain. What has brought suicide to be on your mind.
Note to reader: ASIST is a research-backed Crisis intervention training our Coaches are certified in to employ and coaching is not implemented until collaboration and active participation is agreed upon to stay safe for now.
Experience Step-by-Step Compassionate Suicide Crisis Coaching:
Step 1:
Directly talk about suicide = Pinpoint where in your life you currently experience emotional pain.
Step 2:
Recognize coping tools/ activities = How in your life are your currently fueling your aversion to emotional pain.
Step 3:
Discuss what persists the coping tool = Pick one, “how in your life,” and consider the advantages and disadvantages to continuing fueling your aversion to emotional pain.
Step 4:
Choose what to do about the coping tool = Decide if it is worth it to you to continue to fuel the, “how,” and what you are willing to do differently.
Step 5:
Follow-through of the plan = Put into action Step 4.
Step 6:
Repeat steps 1-6 to gradually restore hope and build collaborative interest in Compassionate Suicide Crisis Coaching.

All of this can take place in a group setting with others going through a transition in their relationship with their pain, just like you, or for more focused, direct and intense evolution and focus on heightened safety, you can pursue 1:1 Compassionate Suicide Crisis Coaching.

Are you ready to tap into your truths, embrace your pain and unlock your self-healing powers? Let’s get started. Meet me for 1 – 30 minute conversation to explore if Grounds For Clarity is somewhere you may find hope again.
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I look forward to connecting with you,

Kim Johnson

Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity





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Applied Skills Intervention Suicide Training I provide suicide life-assisting, first aid intervention — I acknowledge and hear what you want. I acknowledge your pain. I hear your suffering. I hear the emotional overwhelm and I am here for you.




Certified Professional Life Coach — I am not a therapist, counselour, “sports” coach, psychiatrist, or consultant. Nothing I do is a substitute for or replacement for Therapy. However, I do educate on how to apply learnings from books regarding mental skills and leveraging emotional intelligence with former life experience from any walk of life.




Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP): I am an ELI-MP certified to administer and debrief you on your unique Energy Leadership assessment. With my support, I train your mind toward heart alignment to achieve the feelings you want!


Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): I completed my coaching training under iPEC’s ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Leadership Potentials training.     

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Note: I work with persons of all capabilities and ages. I make accommodations for those with varying degrees of mental health, cognitive development, hearing impairment, physical handicap, visual impairment and also work with folks that do not speak English as a first language. I make accommodations for any and all those interested in working with me.

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