Life(style) coaching

“What is Grounds For Clarity, LLC?”

Grounds For Clarity, LLC is a Life(style) coaching business.


“Why should I want Life(style) coaching?”

You should want Life(style) coaching because it will give you consistent permission to practice feeling free from feelings of stress stemming from obligation, dread, depression, anxiety, suicide, numbness, loneliness, isolation, rejection and receive the skills necessary to get a lifelong-lasting breakthrough from self-harmful and self-destructive lifestyle habits to live a happy life no matter the changing circumstances. Note: We have training in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and our Life coaching certification, Certified Professional Coach, lie under jurisdiction from the ICF accredited Life coaching certification program through iPEC.

“But what is it that you do?”

Grounds For Clarity, LLC is a sounding board for you and meets you where you are at. We support you through moments where you feel despair and dread day in and day out by teaching you that there is more to existence than what you see. Typically, our clients experience a significant weight lifted, as if the atmosphere has given them more oxygen, in as little ‘clock’ time as 20 minutes. We teach you that you will and that you already do have the answers within yourself. You do not need more knowledge: more visiting self-help and self-care articles, blogs, books, journals, schooling. If more knowledge worked, wouldn’t we all be free from feeling negative feelings by now? You don’t need more knowledge. You need more YOU. We don’t buy your old narrative anymore. Your, “This is who I am, accept me,” attitude. We give you new opportunities to be a more true and happier expression of who you really are, no matter what your past was. If you are tired of being defined, confined and haunted by your past, exhausted from tolerating being triggered by the slightest changes in your day, we want to teach you how to take your life back and underscore to YOU the 100% possibility of a hard reset and getting a fresh start in your life circumstance.


“How can one receive Life(style) coaching and who do you work with?”

One receives Life(style) coaching by first saying YES to having a conversation with us to determine if it is a fit for you. We work with those that are stuck analyzing and searching for the answers and wish there was someone that would tell them the answers to why life has to hurt so much.

“What do you actually do?”

Let our former clients speak to that.
Still on the fence? We can connect you with them personally, you can ask questions and hear what they have to say.


“Who do you know?”

Grounds For Clarity, LLC is looking to serve regular human beings with extraordinary determination to be at the cause of change in their life. We intensely coach folx mentally and emotionally, in many cases, spiritually (sans religion/ denomination) that have a tendency to isolate and withdraw from others, rationalize it is easier to keep emotions bottled up and find their heavy past keeps them feeling unworthy of positive life change. We serve clients that are tired of experiencing cheap thrills, brittle change and unsustainable, self-destructive lifestyle habits. Those we serve are anxious to be around and frequently are triggered by people and, moment-to-moment, struggle to maintain emotional and mental boundaries with everyone. Those we serve are between the age range of millennial and boomer and after working with us, find it within themselves to shelve their story, accept and forgive the past to blossom into a life they never imagined possible. A vast quantity of our clients have been through prolonged therapy and divulge that within as little as 20 minutes, have let go of heavy emotional weight from their past and have felt clarity they haven’t felt in years. Who do you know that works with those suffering from chronic mental and emotional pains from their past and provides them confidential, safe space and permission to acknowledge, let go and graduate to the present to lead joyful and intrinsically peaceful lives?


You’ve got this.

Thought Founder of Grounds For Clarity, LLC

Grounds For Clarity, LLC Life(style) coaching methods and tools certified

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching

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