Our Vision and Mission

Who we are
Grounds For Clarity is a Life coaching business dedicated to educating, empowering and equipping individuals within their communities to lead a quality life as a part of our mission to raise awareness to suicide prevention and saving lives.

Grounds For Clarity is the culmination of 7 years of emperical research. We discovered there are an overwhelming well of resources and techniques to self-soothe, self-heal and self-care and much of them don’t educate on how to integrate together our compartmentalized roles or identities. All of us already are all too familiar with the feelings and emotions of anxiety, sadness, lack of fulfillment, feeling alone, being angry, being someone’s punching bag or doormat, constantly treading on the brink of overwhelm, cycling into depression, and wishing not to be alive anymore.

Where is the emotional accountability and being challenged to look beyond who we consider ourselves to be? How many times have we bought into our own story and it has kept us in a cycle of insanity? There is a way to shift our perspective and we can raise our awareness to our many hats we wear depending on which story we tell, that keep us held back in the past away from being present.

We believe in our research and our findings and empower, educate and equip human beings, one conversation at a time, to build the self-confidence to say no, the willingness to take up space and the tenacity to invite their inner-critic to the table and to innovate a whole new rule book on what mental well-being really is. Feeling burnt-out and on the brink of numbing yourself to this life? Would you like help with that? We hear that you wish there was more in your life to live for and that you hope for things to be better. We come to you with a unique toolkit blending Suicide Intervention, Energy Leadership, and Life Coaching to get a second chance in your life and to move on from your past, to face forward, to say that everything is not okay and that you want help.

Our vision
Our vision is world advocacy for quality life free from the stigma and taboo of suicide.

Our mission
Our mission is to make that world advocacy possible through Grounds For Clarity becoming a household name. As Grounds For Clarity becomes a household name it allows us to communicate understandably with one another facilitating collective engagement and a community comprehensive container for self-reflection of self-empowerment. It is in this way we can band together to experientially gain a deeper understanding of suicide. Connection, within our respective households, to one another bridges the gap, stranger-to-stranger via compassion for one another’s learning experiences and embrace a united hope manifesting the opportunity at a quality life for all, no matter the circumstance.

What do we value the most? 
At our core:
We value compassion for one another.

We value deep understanding of each person.

We value community engagement in sharing stories.

We value education.

How will we make Grounds For Clarity a household name?
We believe in the power of soul connection. We become a household name through you all sharing what it is the work we do. Through consistent content creation, providing Grounds For Clarity as a hub of hope, source of inspiration and a catalyst for change for those whose lives we touch, we know we spread impact together and our global advocates enhance our value and deliver our mission of world advocacy for quality life free from stigma and taboo of suicide. We build trust with you by providing you the peace of mind that there are people and there are people with resources out there that care for your social-emotional well-being and are alongside you in this journey in emotional overwhelm with you. You are not alone.

From those whose life experience with suicide is peripheral to those who have firsthand survived a suicide attempt, we have the individualized education, the connection to resources and tools both research backed and evidence supported, such as Compassionate Suicide Crisis Life coaching which impart opportunities to deepen your understanding of suicide and your lifelong journey and relationship with suicide. Through offering our programs, resources, tools and coaching, we hope to instill our core values of compassion for one another, deep understanding of each person, community engagement in sharing stories and education to empower each of you to become an advocate for quality life for all no matter how strong despair may ring true.

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    May 24, 2020 at 10:22 am

    Hi Portia!
    Thank you for being here.
    It is our lifelong goal to provide this safe space for everyone and raise awareness to the stigmas and taboos surrounding suicide.

    I invite you to have a conversation with us so that we can learn how we can support your community:

    Thank you for being an advocate!

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