Find Clarity in Life

What does your life need more of? Who are you and what do you want in life? How did you get to Grounds for Clarity? Maybe someone received my coaching and told you about it or you heard of it from me directly. Maybe you are curious about coaching for someone you care deeply for. I need your help to find people starving, yearning and pining for groundbreaking change in their life. Your gut tells you that they desire support to take that jump from rock bottom, or are at a crossroads. Perhaps the following questions will shed some light on the people I seek to work with.

Do you know someone that woke up today feeling like they do not like themselves? They say things like, “I just need to do this more so that then I can have what I want?” People that just seem noncommittal, lackadaisical, apathetic? Therapy isn’t working and counseling, as well as self-medicating is number two to boredom? If the gears in your head are turning and someone’s name is burning into your corneas, connect us.

In other words, guide me to them so that they can feel agency in this life-changing move. After talking to me ONE TIME, be prepared to retrieve your hope deeply buried within yourself and expand your lungs, stretch yourself and strive to accomplish things you have only ever dreamed about. Your greatness is definitely within you and taking this first step with me, will help you to get there! Claim your clarity, be your bad self that you already are!

Thank you for helping me in my vision to change the world one conversation at a time. Have a memorable day.

Endearingly yours,



Whom Can Be Helped With Life Coaching

You can learn about what makes someone coach-able.

Button Pushing

Find a coping skill useful for scenarios which involuntarily elicit your emotions.


Exercised emotional intelligence can shed light on the fruitfulness of your interactions.

“I” Statements

Challenge your communicative strategy to be warmth, love and collaboration.

Emotional Management

Learn why you are burnt out and consider what it is costing you.

Emotionally Spent

Realize yourself as a major player in self-burnout; learn my niche; utilize self-coaching.


Reflect how emotional management reverses feeling emotionally spent.


Is fear driving your life or are you?

My Own F.O.M.O in my Coaching Journey

Learn more about a revelation I had coming about from peeling back so many layers of defense mechanisms.